DIY Star Wars Pumpkin Stencils

Carve a Force-filled jack o' lantern this Halloween -- no lightsaber required!

Looking to carve a Star Wars-themed jack o’ lantern? You don’t need the Force to guide your hand — just’s stencils!

Here’s how:

  • Click on one of the images below
  • Open the attached PDF
  • Print
  • Trace the image on your pumpkin
  • Carve

Kids and younglings, get your parents’ help.

And that’s it — your pumpkin is now fully armed and operational!

CLA_LIC_5767_L CLA_LIC_5766_L CLA_LIC_5763_L
 CLA_LIC_5762_L  CLA_LIC_5757_L CLA_LIC_5756_L


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