Craft the Perfect Co-Pilot: A DIY Chewbacca Paperweight

The galaxy's favorite Wookiee can be your favorite -- and fuzziest -- decoration!

A large rock can be crafted into an iconic Wookiee warrior with just craft fur, upcycled bottle caps, and googly wiggle eyes. You and your younglings can use this DIY Chewie, inspired by his appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story, as a paperweight, doorstop, or new pet rock.

What You’ll Need*

  • Large round rock
  • Brown craft fur
  • Two water bottle caps
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Googly wiggle eyes
  • Black fabric paint
  • Brown felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

A large stone sits on a Star Wars decorated paper towel.

Step 1: Begin by washing the large rock you collected with soap and water. Let dry completely.

Craft fur is laid over a large stone and trimmed using scissors.

Step 2: Cut a double-pointed oval shape out of the craft fur long enough to reach the top and bottom of the rock. Cut four or five more shapes approximately the same size until you have enough to cover the rock.

Step 3: Hot glue the craft fur pieces around the rock, lining them up next to each other as best you can. Let cool.

A stone covered with craft fur sits next to a tray of paints.

Step 4: Paint the outside of the two water bottle caps with the sliver paint, and let dry completely. You may need additional coats for full coverage.

Step 5: Glue the googly wiggle eyes inside the dry bottle caps. Next, glue the bottle caps on the top side of the rock to make Chewbacca’s goggles.

A stone covered in craft fur with eyes and a painted nose designed to look like Chewbacca.

Step 6: Use the black fabric paint to draw Chewie’s nose and smile beneath the eyes. (Or a growl, if you think your dad wants his co-pilot to be tough.) Let dry.

A paperweight made to look like Chewbacca sits next to a pair of scissors.

Step 7: Cut a thin strip of brown felt. Glue it under one bottle cap, and then wrap it around the back of the rock to the other bottle cap. Trim it to fit and glue it in place to make the strap for Chewie’s goggles.

A DIY paperweight made to look like Chewbacca.

Your fuzzball is complete! Whether he’s hard at work holding down the fort on your dad’s desk or swooping through the stars, Chewbacca is a co-pilot and friend anyone would be lucky to have.

Kelly Knox is a freelance writer who loves creating crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox, and take a look at her blog the st{art} button for more Star Wars art projects and craft ideas.

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