6 Reasons We Want to Be Like Sabine

Our favorite Mandalorian rebel is more than an explosives expert -- she's an inspiration.

If I had to name the most dependable member of the Ghost crew on Star Wars Rebels, Sabine Wren would be a top contender. I didn’t choose her when Dan Brooks and I debated the most valuable member of the crew, but maybe I should have. She has a list of impressive skills and abilities, the benefit of a Mandalorian background, and an insider’s point of view into the Empire’s operations. Plus, she has the most colorful armor and looks to the rainbow for inspiration on how to dye her hair. There are plenty of reasons to want to be like Sabine, but here are six of them.


1. Her linguistic skills.

When you live in a galaxy with a wide variety of citizens, knowing how to speak and read multiple languages is a valuable asset. This is especially helpful in Sabine’s role in the rebellion. She seems to have a naturally sharp intellect, and when she was given the opportunity to expand it during her time at the Imperial Academy, she apparently took advantage of the lessons. She completed the language unit during her espionage training faster than any other cadet.


2. Her ability to stay calm.

Though she’s relatively young, Sabine maintains a level head even in extreme situations. She kind of has to. She comes from a background where battles between clans were a commonplace occurrence — we have family potlucks, Mandalorians have feuds. On top of her history, Sabine’s part of a resistance effort. Being the type of person that panics isn’t suited to either of those situations. Sabine makes hard decisions in seconds and keeps it together on missions — or she calmly blows the problem up.


3. Her artistic side.

Sabine honors her Mandalorian roots by wearing the armor associated with the warriors, but she does so with her own sense of flair. Some might think it’s silly for her to express herself by covering her armor in bold hues and illustrations, but it’s a way for her to display her freedom. The Empire oppresses and dictates. Sabine’s non-traditional looking armor is a reflection of her standing against the Empire. And she doesn’t stop with her armor. She decorates the bunk spaces of her fellow crew members and often leaves a signature of sorts when she commits a rebellious act.

Let’s not forget her awesome hair. Anyone else ever wonder when she finds time to touch up her roots? They probably do spend a lot of hours in hyperspace.


4. Her self-defense know-how.

Did you see Sabine fight Governor Pryce in “The Antilles Extraction?” I knew Sabine must have hand-to-hand combat skills (reference the above comments about the Mandalorian background and Imperial training), but her fighting talents were on full display when she was at Skystrike Academy. She might not be as formidable looking as someone like Zeb, but she can handle herself with or without weaponry. If she taught a self-defense course, I’d register in a hot second.

Hera and Sabine

5. Her tendency to question everything.

Not asking the hard questions can make life a little easier. “Ignorance is bliss” is a saying for a reason. But keeping yourself in the dark is losing control to some degree. Sabine questioned the Empire and left the academy. She questions her missions, too. When Hera had to keep secrets for the sake of security, Sabine asked questions. She might not always get answers, and she had to learn to trust a little, but it’s a positive instinct to have.


6. Her leadership.

It’s amazing how much Sabine has grown over the years. If you watched Saturday’s episode of Rebels, “Legacy of Mandalore,” you saw the culmination of Sabine’s hard work to overcome her own fears and insecurities. Ultimately, she got out of her comfort zone and took a risk in returning home, facing her family, and fighting a gifted warrior in Gar Saxon. That’s what leaders do, and she’s emerged as a great one.

Which traits about Sabine do you admire the most? Tell us in the comments!

Amy Ratcliffe is a writer obsessed with Star Wars, Disney, and coffee. Follow her on Twitter at @amy_geek.