5 Reasons You Need to Watch LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

From battle droids that bake cookies to stories about the Force, there's lots to love about the fan-favorite animated series.

Following the events of season one, the Freemaker family has joined forces with the Rebel Alliance. They’re putting their resourcefulness to the test and helping the Rebellion find parts and keep ships in tip-top condition — it’s what they do best. But they wouldn’t be Kordi, Zander, and Rowan if they didn’t stumble upon other adventures in between reassembling X-wings.

If you haven’t been watching the Disney XD series, you have time to catch up before the show returns with season two on Monday, July 31. Why should you make this your summer mission? Here are five reasons to tune into LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

Kordi, Rowan, Zander, and R0-GR stand together in LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

1. A brick apart.

LEGO and Star Wars have played hand-in-hand before with TV specials and shorts, but The Freemaker Adventures is something different. It’s a serialized story, unfolding over multiple episodes. Rather than revisiting an established tale, the animated series delves into fresh territory that brushes up against touchstones in the Star Wars universe between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The show brings a new set of characters and new mythology into focus.  

Kordi, Rowan, and Pace Freemaker in a starship cockpit.

2. An everyday perspective.

The parts of the galaxy usually portrayed onscreen involve Sith, Jedi, important politicians — big players embroiled in big stories. The Freemaker Adventures has those aspects, especially considering Rowan can wield the Force and that he spent a lot of time with another Force user in the first season, and the Freemakers often find themselves part of some watershed moments.

But! The nature of the Freemakers’ business and knowledge means we see slices of everyday life. They show us what it’s like to try to run a business in the midst of a civil war and how a family operates and copes with daily life in the face of huge stakes.

Star Wars Lego characters from the Freemaker Adventures.

3. Family ties.

Family is a central theme in Star Wars — both chosen families and blood families are key to the saga. With the Freemakers front and center, The Freemaker Adventures explores familial dynamics in a way fresh to the universe. The Freemaker parents are out of the picture, and though Zander is the eldest, it’s really Kordi who steps up to take charge. She has responsibility for her siblings, a family business, and paying the bills. The way they relate to each other through support, loyalty, and bickering is important to see and full of relatable lessons. 

Roger the battle droid holds a tray of cookies.

4. Sand cookies.

Have a soft spot in your heart for battle droids? You’re not alone, and you’ll appreciate the Freemakers’ B1 battle droid. R0-GR, a.k.a. Roger, served in the Clone Wars but has been reprogrammed to be Rowan’s best pal. He’s dependable, helpful, and known for making batches of tasty sand cookies. Roger brings the humor you know battle droids for — you can always count on Roger for a snappy one-liner — to the animated series, but also an unexpected amount of heart. He puts himself on the line and saves the Freemakers’ skins on the regular. 

A box for a Lego model of the StarScavenger, the ship from The Freemaker Adventures.

5. The playability factor.

When you’re ready to send the Freemakers on exploits created in your imagination, you can continue the story with The Freemaker Adventure LEGO sets. You can take to the skies by building season two ships the Arrowhead and the Tracker. Get inspired by Zander when you snap bricks together and make completely off the wall uglies. Make without limits. 

Why do you watch LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures? Share your favorite parts about the series in the comments!

Amy Ratcliffe is a writer obsessed with Star Wars, Disney, and coffee. Follow her on Twitter at @amy_geek.