5 Highlights from Star Wars Forces of Destiny: “The Happabore Hazard”

Rey makes a big new friend.

Why does everyone want to go back to Jakku? When Forces of Destiny kicked off this summer, Rey’s courage, ingenuity, and compassion set the tone for the micro series. She saved BB-8 (twice!), from the nightwatcher worm and a couple of no-good bandits on the desert planet where she’s made her home. This time, Rey finds herself all alone and looking for work from junkboss Unkar Plutt. But he’s not exactly an honest businessman, and she soon learns he’s assigned her a feat that seems impossible with her speeder and 20 portions on the line. Good thing Unkar’s wrong about…well, pretty much everything.

Here are five highlights from the short, “The Happabore Hazard” — which you can watch below!

1. Unkar Plutt: Total scoundrel.

Surviving on her own all these years has made Rey’s skin thicker than a shield generated from a nearby forest moon. She doesn’t wince at the junkboss’s rude retorts and dismissive remarks. Then she has the gumption to he stand her ground and she shrewdly fight for a fair deal.

Rey looks at a downed ship with a Happabore next to it.

2. This deal is getting worse all the time.

But being tough hasn’t made her hard, and that’s an important lesson to see in action. When she arrives to find Finn’s favorite drinking buddy snuggled up with the junk she’s been hired to haul, she reaches out to pet the hulking beast, then tries to gently nudge the creature out of its precarious position. Cue the cartoonish hijinks.

Rey has a look of worry on her face as she puts her hand on her head in Forces of Destiny.

3. We thought they smelled bad…on the outside.

What’s that stuck in the happabore’s enormous snout? Rey’s exhibited a lot of bravery in the time we’ve known her, but shoving her entire arm elbow-deep in the congested creature’s nostril is one of the more harrowing (and leaves her covered in glistening greenish-yellow cartoon snot.) No, no, no! Let’s not do that!
Rey hauls a salvaged ship with a helpful push from a Happabore in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

4. Come on, buddy, we’re not out of this yet.

We have faith in Rey and her newfound friend to work together get back to the salvage yard in one piece. After all, one act of kindness deserves another. And once again we see how teamwork can make the dream work when everyone is working toward a common goal.

Rey holds her hand out with a Happabore behind her in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

5. That’s…impossible.

That moment when Unkar has to wipe the smug look off his face because Rey has just returned victorious? More satisfying than 20,000 portions.

What were your highlights from “Happabore Hazard”? Let us know in the comments below!

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