4 Amazing Easter Eggs from Dryden Vos’ Study

Climb aboard the crime boss' yacht, infiltrate Kessel in Star Wars: Battlefront II and more on The Star Wars Show!

This week, The Star Wars Show is taking us BeHan the Scenes of the spacious study where Dryden Vos displays his personal museum of rare artifacts.

With a little help from the keen eye of Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo, reporting in from the Solo: A Star Wars Story set, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Easter eggs inside the towering yacht of the nefarious crime boss.

Mandalorian armor. A near-complete set of Old Republic-era ancient Mandalorian rally master armor is the centerpiece on a table of other antique weaponry.

A Sith holocron? Hidalgo notes that the top piece on a table devoted to technology appears to be one of the pyramid-shaped devices the Sith used to store information. The only way to find out…is to use the dark side to activate it.

The Dancing Goddess. A callback to the Legends stories, the Dancing Goddess idol of the Godoan people is among a display of mystical antiquities.

Xim’s death’s head. And in another nod to Legends, as seen on the cover of Brian Daley’s Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, we find the Mytag crystal masthead that once belonged to Xim the Despot.

Watch the whole tour in the link below, plus we sit down with Solo composer John Powell, Star Wars: Battlefront II is infiltrated by scoundrels ahead of EA Play this weekend, and more!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.

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