Lux Bonteri talking with Ahsoka Tano in his family's garden

The son of Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri, Lux was with his mother when her old friend Padmé Amidala and Ahsoka Tano traveled to Raxus in an attempt to start peace talks and end the Clone Wars. While Padmé and Mina negotiated, Lux and Ahsoka worked to overcome their initial suspicions of each other.

Lux Bonteri with an arm outstretched

The peace talks failed, with Count Dooku angrily reporting that Mina Bonteri had been killed in a Republic attack. But Lux discovered Dooku had lied – in fact, the Separatist leader had ordered Lux’s mother killed to sabotage the peace effort.

Pre Vizsla working together with Lux Bonteri

Lux joined up with Death Watch in an effort to avenge his mother and kill Dooku. But he soon came to regret the alliance – Death Watch, he discovered, had decayed into a pack of murderous bandits.

Lux Bonteri working together with Saw and Steela Gerrera

Escaping Death Watch, Lux returned to his homeworld of Onderon, where he joined a resistance movement aimed at overthrowing the planet’s new king and his Separatist allies. Despite their common cause, Lux often clashed with the resistance’s other two leaders, the siblings Saw and Steela Gerrera.