SWCVI: Japanese Star Wars Vegetable Carving


A sushi chef from Japan, Okitsugu Kado, is also well known for his talent in vegetable carving. Oki started creating intricate Star Wars vegetable pieces after making his very first simple R2-D2. His vast amount of talent and love for his art got him on the cover of the UK edition of National Geographic with his very own Darth Vader carrot carving. Oki’s love of Star Wars goes far beyond vegetables. He is a part of the Jedi Order Japan, which now has 70 members, and took part in Star Wars Celebration Japan.

In the “Japanese Star Wars Vegetable Carving” panel at Star Wars Celebration VI, Oki showed the crowd his creations through a photo slide show and detailed descriptions of his art. Even though he had just learned English a week before arriving to Florida, he had everyone in the room giggling and full of joy. Oki ended his panel by creating a R5 droid live and quickly changing him into a R4 droid just by changing his head.

Browse the gallery below to see just a few of Kado’s amazing creations and check back on StarWars.com soon for a vegetable carving how-to video.