SWCE 2013: Closing Ceremonies – Liveblog

The grand finale of Star Wars Celebration Europe! Follow along with our liveblog!

16:15: Warwick Davis and R4-CEII have taken the stage.

16:16: R4-CEII’s memories: Being introduced, being asked to talk to air conditioning, and Davis’ varios jackets.

16:17: Davis introduces Pablo Hidalgo and David Collins, Digital Stage hosts for Celebration Europe.

16:18: Hidalgo on why CE is special: “Fans are here for one thing, and that’s the love of Star Wars.”

Collins speaks about Attack of the Clones in 3D, saying it looked amazing.

16:21: Collins talks about how people from all over the world came to this Celebration, a great thing to see.

16:22: Now introducing the winner of the Tattoo Competition, who had a tattoo of a Gammorrean Guard on his left arm, done yesterday over six hours.

16:24: Now the winner of the Trivia Contest: Pavel Klimeš. How does it feel to be crowned the ultimate geek? “Weird.” Klimeš is e-i-c of the Czech Star Wars Universe site.

16:27: Now the winner of the Costume Contest, who created a Padme costume from Attack of the Clones. It took her a year and a half. “I scanned all the photos and paid lots of attention, but I loved every second of it.”

16:29: Now showing a video of highlights from the weekend — fans, costumers, props, Steve Sansweet wearing an Admiral Ackbar mask, etc.

16:34: Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig are introduced. McCaig: “We’re drawing for YOU.” Chiang talks about the art class he led, teaching many children. “I see the same light in their eyes that I had when I was young.”

16:36: Davis takes out the drawing the three of them created together. He asks them to sneak it into Episode VII. Fans have sent in name suggestions over Twitter. The winning name: Wick McChiang!

16:38: Davis now introduces Lucasfilm’s Mary Franklin, event lead. “You are the reason we are all here,” Davis says. (He’s right!)

16:39: Franklin: “I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I consider myself so lucky to be able to work on this show.”

16:41: Davis says he’d love for their to be another Celebration. “Would anyone else like another Celebration?”

16:43: It’s official: The next Celebration will be April 16-19, 2015, in Anaheim, California!

That’s it! Thanks for reading!