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In preparation for the 12 new episodes airing soon on Disney+, Star Wars Insider issue 195 revisits some of the main character arcs of the epic animated series so far.

Star Wars Insider issue 195 will be on sale soon, and the new issue features a Star Wars: The Clone Wars refresher called “Return, Star Wars: The Clone Wars have!”, perfect for those looking forward to the series’ upcoming return on Disney+. Check out an exclusive sneak peek of the article, written by associate editor Kristin Baver, below!

Return, Star Wars: The Clone Wars have!

It was a war left unresolved. On March 2, 2013, Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended abruptly after five broadcast seasons, going out with a bang with “The Wrong Jedi.” On March 7, 2014, the final thirteen episodes of the series were released as the so-called Lost Missions, a partially finished batch of episodes intended to make up half of the sixth season. Among them were more stories of sacrifice and deleterious prophecies, but it seemed we would never see where the story was truly meant to end. Until now.

The Clone Wars from Star Wars Insider 195

The final 12 episodes promise to be an explosive reunion of old friends and foes, and new faces, with a proper send off to the story that inches closer to the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (2005).

Anakin in The Clone Wars

As the focus of the prequels, Anakin Skywalker’s rise to Jedi Master and fall to the dark is well documented on film. But through The Clone Wars, George Lucas and Dave Filoni explored more of the internal struggles the warrior was facing in balancing not just his fears but his urge to control the world around him and protect the people he cared for, including his secret wife Padmé.

The Clone Wars were a time of growth and new challenges for Anakin, punctuated by the occasionally thankless task of teaching young Ahsoka, who at times turned out to be just as impertinent and impulsive as her master. The surprising assignment to lead Ahsoka’s training came from wise Jedi Master Yoda, who hoped the exercise would finally teach Skywalker how to let go. (Unfortunately, we know how that ultimately turned out.)

Ahsoka in The Clone Wars

Much later, after being framed for bombing at the Jedi Temple and accused of murder, Ahsoka went from war hero to outlaw on the run. Her resourceful nature allowed her to escape from prison on a quest to clear her name, and even though her master never truly gave up on her, believing in her innocence and helping to discover the true culprit of the crime, Ahsoka’s faith in the Jedi was irreparably damaged thanks to their lack of faith in her innocence. Free from the protections and restrictions of the Jedi way, when we last saw Ahsoka in the series she was forging a new path.

To read more about where we left Anakin Skywalker, Clone Captain Rex, Ahsoka Tano, and dark side terror Maul at the end of the previous run of Star Wars: The Clones Wars, pick up a copy of Star Wars Insider issue 195, on sale in the US on February 4!

Star Wars Insider issue #195 cover featuring The Child

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