10 Highlights from Star Wars Insider #181

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Star Wars Insider #181 is on sale now, and Insider editor Christopher Cooper is here with 10 highlights from the issue…
A two-page spread from Star Wars: Insider issue 188, featuring pictures and descriptions of a mudtrooper and an imperial stormtrooper.
1. Soldiers of the Empire.

Solo: A Star Wars Story adds new variations to the elite Imperial stormtrooper ranks, from range troopers to mudtroopers.

2. Now showing – Solo: A Twitter Story.
Enjoy the highlights of Ron Howard’s production journey via his top tweets.
3. Plotting a course into danger.
Have you got what it takes to navigate the most dangerous smuggling run in the galaxy? Find out why few do!
4. Lando’s pride and joy: his ship.
Take a look inside the Millennium Falcon before Han and Chewie won her fair and square.
5. It’s showtime!
Star Wars Insider goes behind-the-scenes of the show that goes behind-the-scenes of Star Wars. It’s…The Star Wars Show!
6. Dive into the cinematic influences behind Star Wars.
Find out what films inspired director Rian Johnson in the making of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
7. Meet Doug Chiang.
The concept artist, production designer, and Lucasfilm vice president talks about his early career and aspirations.
8. Explore Finn’s journey.
Finn wakes up to a new world in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but is he still the same man we met in The Force Awakens?
9. Build a bigger figure.
Gentle Giant reveals how they turned a 1978 Kenner action figure into a life-size droid monument of our favorite nearsighted scrap pile, R2-D2.

10. An ode to Ugnaughts.

They’re not big. They’re not pretty. But they are true heroes of the galaxy.
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