Lando Talks Piloting the Falcon in New Solo: A Star Wars Story TV Spot

The smuggler flirts, fights, and warns: “She needs a particular type of pilot.”

Lando, that ol’ smoothie, has always had a way with words and we’re just starting to get a glimpse of how he handled himself in his early days as a scoundrel and gambler. 

Today, a new Solo: A Star Wars Story TV spot, “Risk,” debuted, featuring new quips from Lando and his sassy droid L3-37, and other exciting new footage. We hear Lando describing a certain duo as “hairy and the boy” and the special skills needed to operate the Millennium Falcon. There’s also a peek at the camaraderie between the two friends as they maneuver out of another tight spot with a skillful blaster toss between them — and we get confirmation that Lando has always pronounced “Han” the same way. We’re treated to plenty of other cameos from Qi’ra, Beckett, and the rest of the crew including L3-37, a self-made droid who has no problem putting Lando in his place. Is he done flirting?

The new spot is the second teaser to hit small screens this week, after the TV spot, “Crew,” debuted Sunday. In case you missed it, the former gave us more insights into the dynamic between Chewbacca and Han.

Watch both spots above, then buckle up and catch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters on May 25. All Star Wars, all the time.

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