Bucket’s List Extra: 7 Fun Facts from “The Voxx Vortex 5000” – Star Wars Resistance

Find out why this episode's Hutt calls himself Vranki "the Blue" and much more!

The second season of Star Wars Resistance is here! In Season Two, pilot Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono and his friends aboard the Colossus search for the Resistance base, but the First Order is in close pursuit. Visit StarWars.com following each episode for “Bucket’s List Extra,” an expansion of our weekly fun-facts video series Bucket’s List, often featuring never-before-seen concept art and stills from the show. In this installment, we look at “The Voxx Vortex 5000.”

Vranki hover chairVranki and Captain Doza

1. Mmmmm. Gorg water.

Since Vranki needed to move around a lot in this episode, a hover chair became part of his design.  It has a built-in gorg bowl, much like Jabba’s throne aquarium. Instead of eating the gorg, however, Vranki just drinks the aquarium water from a hose. (Sounds delicious.)

Vranki concept art

2. Hello, what have we here?

Hutts can have a fashion sense, too. As art director Amy Beth Christenson tells StarWars.com, “Vranki was originally supposed to wear a hat, but it was changed to a Lando-like cape during the design phase.”

Vranki and Hype

3. Not your run of the mill Hutt.

To help distinguish the easy-going Vranki from other Hutts, he was given a more friendly face, an up-turned nose, and per the script, is blue.

Neeku watching the race

4. F1 inspiration.

The race circuit for the Voxx Vortex has the same layout as a real-world F1 race track.

Vranki's Hotel and Casino

5. His own mascot.

As we see in the episode, Vranki is quite a showman. Look closely and you’ll see animated neon hologram signs of Vranki waving above the hangars of the Voxx casino.

Vranki's Hotel and Casino floor

6. Vranki’s has a regular.

To help reinforce the fact that attendance is low, there is one lone customer at Vranki’s casino. Keep your eyes peeled for a little old alien lady that can be seen in some shots, seemingly having a good time.  


7. Name games.

Vranki was originally named “Janki” in the outline of the episode. And according the Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo, there is reasoning behind his “full” name. “The idea that he’s trying to differentiate himself from the common perception of Hutts as criminals is behind his rebranding himself as Vranki the Blue, rather than Vranki the Hutt,” Hidalgo tells StarWars.com. “Why he chose “Blue,” though, is unknown.”

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