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The Tantive IV escaping the Battle of Scarriff

After the rebels' stunning theft of the Death Star plans, the schematics were transferred to the Tantive IV and into the hands of Princess Leia. Soon thereafter, Vader captured the ship, determined to find them. Leia, however, his the plans in astromech droid, with instructions to deliver the plans to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine.


The Tantive IV on Ajan Kloss

The Tantive IV was scheduled for destruction, but decades after the Battle of Yavin a former Imperial senator found the old ship discarded in a hangar and presented it to Leia as a gift. Brought back into service with the Resistance, the ship took part in the climactic Battle of Exegol, piloted by Nien Nunb. It was brought down by Darth Sidious and destroyed..