The Core World of Alderaan was one of the Republic’s oldest, most prestigious planets, known for its art and culture and a tradition of helping other worlds. In the last years of the Republic, the peaceful planet was represented by Bail Organa, a Loyalist Senator who supported Supreme Chancellor Palpatine while seeking to aid refugees of the Clone Wars.

Mountains of Alderaan

Despite his support for Palpatine, Organa became alarmed as the war ground on and the Supreme Chancellor amassed more and more powers. As the Clone Wars wound down, he met in secret with like-minded Senators and prepared to resist Palpatine’s rule if such a step was necessary.


The Death Star preparing to destroy Alderaan

Alderaan remained part of the Empire, but Organa secretly helped knit separate resistance cells into the Rebel Alliance and groomed his adopted daughter Leia to take his place in the Senate. To cow rebellious systems and demonstrate the Death Star’s power, Grand Moff Tarkin turned the battle station’s superlaser on Alderaan, destroying the planet and killing its inhabitants.