• Male,
  • Human,



Gar Saxon

During the Clone Wars, Saxon aligned with Maul, becoming one of the renegade Sith’s generals in the Shadow Collective. Leading the Mandalorian super commandos with a set of sharp horns protruding from his helmet, Saxon proved to be a formidable ally for the former Sith Lord.


Gar Saxon firing a blaster in front of Chopper

Saxon, having sworn loyalty to the Empire, sought to destroy fellow Mandalorian and rival Fenn Rau, eliminating the Protectors of Concord Dawn. But Rau proved elusive, escaping Saxon’s grasp -- along with rebel allies -- leaving the Imperial Viceroy with unfinished business.

A defeated Gar Saxon at the mercy of Sabine Wren

When Sabine Wren returned to her mother, Ursa Wren, on Krownest, she sought to turn her and Clan Wren to the side of the rebellion. While Ursa loved her daughter, she would not join with the rebels, even after Sabine gifted her the legendary Darksaber. Instead, Ursa alerted Gar Saxon, who quickly came to Krownest. Ursa turned the ancient weapon over to him, and Saxon immediately betrayed Clan Wren, commanding his troops to wipe them out. Saxon, armed with the Darksaber, dueled furiosly with the lightsaber-wielding Sabine. He was eventually bested in combat, but would not yield. Sabine refused to destroy him, and as she walked away Saxon readied a blaster, aiming straight at the rebel's back. Before he could pull the trigger, however, Ursa delivered a blaster bolt straight into Saxon's chest. Saxon collapsed face-first onto the hard Krownest ice, and died as a new hope in restoring Mandalore was born.