We Love Forces of Destiny Season 2 – Part 3

StarWars.com checks out some of the latest episodes from Season 2, featuring porgs, Padmé, Chewbacca, Chopper, and more!

Star Wars Day gave us many reasons to celebrate, including new episodes from the second season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny, with seven new and exciting animated shorts available now on Disney’s YouTube channel. We couldn’t wait to find out what some of our favorite Star Wars characters have been up to!

Chewie and the porgs are reunited for an adorable task on Ahch-To, the Ewoks join forces with Chopper in the skies above Endor, and the latest episodes also take us back to Naboo and Mandalore for stunning, saga-spanning stories across all three film eras and Star Wars Rebels.

Scroll down to see the first four episodes and read up on our favorite highlights and memorable moments so far, celebrating life’s smaller victories and the way our everyday choices ultimately shape us. Then tell us what you think of the new episodes from Star Wars Forces of Destiny, which will debut on the Disney Channel in a TV special on May 25. And come back tomorrow for our highlights from the next three episodes from this season!

Episode: “Chopper and Friends”

Hera and Chopper rush to help defend the Ewok village from an Imperial attack with some help from the natives.


Hera at the helm.

Ever since Star Wars Rebels ended, it’s left a Ghost-shaped hole in our hearts. But it’s great to see Hera back in the pilot’s seat of her beloved ship, with Vanessa Marshall voicing the character once more.


Eagle-eyed fans may recognize the princess of Bright Tree Village. We’re so excited to see her join Chopper’s crew!

Arent you a little short for a gunner?

The Ewoks don’t let their diminutive stature get in the way, whether they’re joyriding stolen Imperial speeder bikes or manning the Ghost’s gunner bays.

Ewok celebration!

There are very few things that are more adorable than a jovial Ewok celebrating a hard-won victory. Yub nub!

Episode: “Monster Misunderstanding”

A water monster’s uncharacteristic attack on the docks of Naboo leads Queen Amidala to solve the mystery.


A rampaging beast?

Not quite. This so-called monster is just a misunderstood mother trying to save her baby from poachers.

A diplomatic solution.

She may be a fan of aggressive negotiations from time to time, but Padmé is still, true to form, always looking for an elegant solution to galactic problems.

Great shot, queen!

And it’s a good thing Padmé stayed to handle the situation. Sometimes the answer isn’t an obvious one, but with a single shot and no casualties, Padmé saves the day, the docks, and the creatures! A win-win-win.

Episode: “Art History”

While on a covert mission to free their people, Sabine and her brother risk everything to destroy an Imperial outpost that has defaced an important Mandalorian monument.


The statue of Tarre Vizsla.

Is there a more important figure to Mandalore than the legendary creator of the darksaber, the first Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi order? “So much history and hope in one carving.”


But now it’s been defaced in the name of the Empire. Karabast!

“I liked you better when you were off in space.”

Tristan’s big sister shows off her rebellious streak, slicing through the Imperial outpost supports with the darksaber itself. Throw in a few explosives, and this rescue mission is another original Sabine Wren masterpiece!

For Mandalore!

Ultimately, risking their lives and potentially endangering the mission was worth it to save a piece of their history and a symbol of hope.

Episode: “Porgs!”

After discovering that porgs have been tearing wiring out of the Falcon, Chewbacca helps his new friends find just what they need for their nest.


Porgs! (Obviously.)

It’s unwise to upset a Wookiee, especially by smacking him in the face with a control panel. Good thing these little Ahch-To natives are quick on their feet (and too adorable to stay mad at for long).


What’s cuter than a pair of nesting porgs? The fuzzy little babies they’re protecting! Squee!

More powerful than porgs could possibly imagine.

Unfortunately, even the strength of fully-grown porg wings are no match for the blustery winds of Ahch-To.


Good thing they have a very tall and incredibly strong friend! With a triumphant Wookiee roar, Chewbacca reaches the summit to save the day — and the Falcon’s wiring!

Come back later for part 4 of our look at Star Wars Forces of Destiny Season 2!

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