We Love Forces of Destiny Season 2 – Part 1

StarWars.com checks out the first four episodes of Season 2, featuring Rose Tico, Ahsoka Tano, Jyn Erso, and more!

The second season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny animated shorts debuts today with eight new entertaining episodes available on Disney’s YouTube channel, and we couldn’t be more excited to find out what imaginative adventures await some of our favorite Star Wars characters.

The most impressive Mark Hamill joins the all-star cast to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker, a trio of Clone Wars favorites are finally reunited, and the latest episodes include vignettes, new characters and beloved aliens plucked right from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That’s right. The porgs have landed on Forces of Destiny! This is not a drill!

Scroll down to see the first four episodes and read up on our favorite highlights, quotable quotes, and memorable moments so far, celebrating life’s smaller victories and the way our everyday choices ultimately shape our character. Then tell us what you think of the new season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny, which will debut on the Disney Channel in a TV special Sunday at 9:50 p.m. ET/PT after the broadcast premiere of Zootopia. And come back tomorrow for our highlights from the last four episodes of the season!

Episode: “Hasty Departure”

A mission to liberate an Imperial shuttle filled with medical kits goes awry when Hera and Sabine find some unexpected cargo.


Hera, we have company!

Sabine’s surprise over finding stormtroopers on the ship doesn’t dampen her sense of humor, artfully delivering a line that evokes Princess Leia: “Bigger haul than I thought.” And it’s great to hear voice actors Tiya Sircar and Vanessa Marshall back together again, even if it does remind us how much we miss Star Wars Rebels.

A triumphant save.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a convor. It’s a skyhopper. It’s…Chopper! And the little droid is not such a bad pilot himself.

Hera’s daring leap.

As Sabine holds out her hand, it’s easy to think she’s going to catch Hera just in the nick of time. But Hera jumps a second too late and has to cling to the end of the ramp until her friend can help her aboard. That’s teamwork!

“Uh oh.”

The stormtrooper’s delightfully understated reaction to peril proves their comedic timing is better than their aim.

Episode: “Unexpected Company”

Anakin’s emotions endanger the mission when Ahsoka joins him and Padmé on their ship and a hasty change of plans puts them on a dangerous path.


Padmé interrupted.

Keeping up a secret relationship with a Jedi Knight is difficult when you’re also a busy senator in the midst of war, so a mission can double as the perfect couples retreat. The wide-eyed surprise of hearing Ahsoka’s voice, just as she parachutes into their plans, is priceless.

“We’re in trouble.”

Ahsoka has a bad feeling about Anakin’s shortcut, and her instincts serve her well when they run smack into the Separatist fleet. 

Padmé in control.

Good thing Padmé is there to fire off orders to save their skins.

A knowing look.

When the smoke clears and Anakin is protectively holding Padmé, Ahsoka spares just a glance then rushes to the helm to steer the ship to safety, inspiring the kind of look that’s usually reserved for proud parents. And with voice actors Ashley Eckstein, Catherine Taber, and Matt Lanter back together again, this is something of a family reunion for Clone Wars fans.

Episode: “Shuttle Shock”

In a short plucked right from their mission to Canto Bight in The Last Jedi, Finn and Rose encounter some unexpected obstacles — a pod of potentially dangerous creatures and a fried astromech.



Rose Tico joins the other brave heroes and heroines of Forces of Destiny, and we could not be more excited to welcome her — and the incomparable Kelly Marie Tran, providing her voice once more — to the series!

Finn’s piloting crash course.

He’s not much of a pilot, but Finn — once again delightfully voiced by John Boyega — channels his pal Poe Dameron to fly them to safety when BB-8 needs some on-the-fly repairs. Finn may be a hero of the Resistance, but his endearing and sputtering reaction to the situation prove he hasn’t gotten cocky.

Return of the electro-shock prod.

It turns out Rose’s trusty stun gun isn’t just handy for taking down traitors and cowards trying to escape mid-battle. It can also be employed to revive a damaged droid and save the day. Where would Finn be without Rose’s mechanical skill? 

BB-8 to the rescue.

With a thumbs up, BB-8 takes over the controls and helps guide his friends and himself to safety. Happy beeps, buddy! 

Episode: “Jyn’s Trade”

When Jyn’s kyber crystal necklace gets snatched by a thief, she must patiently outsmart the child to teach him a lesson and get it back.


“Sorry, it’s not for sale.”

Jyn’s interaction with the market merchant is reminiscent of Rey and Unkar Plutt bartering over BB-8. Jyn may be hungry, but it isn’t worth losing her family heirloom.

A cartoonish chase.

From the ol’ shoulder tap distraction to cutting off her only escape with a giggle and a celebratory wave, this chase sequence has some of the classic hallmarks of any good cartoon pursuit.

“I’m doing this the hard way.”

Jyn may not be able to outmaneuver the spry young Chadra-Fan, who expertly disappears into a vent too small for Jyn to squeeze into, but she can outsmart him…

Back to the beginning.

And she has a good feeling he’ll return to the merchant to trade the necklace for food. She gets back her heirloom, and he gets the food he so desperately needs. A win-win and an important showing of compassion and empathy.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of our look at Star Wars Forces of Destiny Season 2!

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