Make a Shockingly Cool DIY Valentine’s Day Card Inspired By Rose Tico

This is how you’re going to win Valentine’s Day -- with an electro-shock prod card.

An electro-shock prod might not immediately make you think of Valentine’s Day, but if your loved one is a fan of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, they’ll be shocked when they see you made them a handmade card inspired by one of the film’s breakout characters.

Rose Tico uses her electro-shock prod to stop anyone trying to make a getaway — as Finn found out — but this thoughtful card is for that special someone who has made a getaway with your heart. Let the sparks fly with this how-to.

What You’ll Need*

  • Black, orange, and silver metallic cardstock
  • Black glitter glue
  • Silver gel pen
  • Small paper hearts, one red and one gold
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue

*The activities in this article should only be done with adult supervision.

Get Started!

Step 1: Cut one piece of black cardstock 4 inches by 4 inches, and another piece 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Cut a small strip of the silver paper 2 inches long.

Step 2: Fold the 4-inch piece of black paper in half, and unfold it. Next, use the black glitter glue to add even rows of dots across one side of the paper. Let dry.

Step 3: On the smaller piece of black paper, glue the silver strip near the left edge of the paper. Glue the gold heart on the bottom right with the red heart above it for the buttons, and let all glue dry.

Step 4: Cut one strip of orange paper 2 inches long and 1-inch-wide, and two strips 2 inches long and a half-inch-wide. Use the silver gel pen to create a chipped paint look on the orange strips.

Step 5: Use the silver gel pen to draw small circles in the corners of the small black paper to make the metal screws.

Step 6: Cut two strips of orange paper 1.5 inches wide and 2 inches long, and two strips 1-inch-wide and 2 inches long. These will be the prods. Cut four more strips of orange paper smaller and shorter than those pieces for the top of the prods.

Step 7: Cut four thin strips of silver paper at least 2 inches long, and four more strips shorter than those.

Step 8: Use the silver gel pen to add weathering to the orange strips of cardstock (the prods).

Step 9: Glue the largest piece of orange cardstock to the bottom front of the card, on top of the glitter dots that should now be dry.

Step 10: Glue one 1.5-inch-wide orange strip at the top right side of the card, and glue the black paper with the hearts just below it. Let the glue dry.

Step 11: Now it’s time to put together your electro-shock prod! Begin by gluing the smallest silver strips of paper together with the metallic sides facing out. Next, glue the small two-sided silver strip on the top and inside (non-shiny) of the larger strip of silver paper. Glue the matching large silver piece on top.

Step 12: Glue the silver piece you just made to the smaller orange strip, and then the other matching orange piece on top. Glue the small orange piece to the larger orange piece so that about half an inch sticks out on the top, and then glue the matching orange piece on top.

Step 13: Repeat with the other paper strips to make the second prod. Let the glue dry.

Step 14: Glue the two prods on the inside of the card on the top right side. The longer, larger prod should be on the left.

Step 15: Glue the last orange strip (1.5 inches wide and 2 inches long) on the top right side of the inside of the card, on top of the prods, and let all glue dry.

All that’s left is to write a heartfelt message inside with the silver gel pen! May we suggest:

“Valentine, It’s SHOCKING how much I like you!”

“Bzzzzzzzz Mine”

“There are SPARKS between us, Valentine!”

“You’re STUNNING, Valentine!”

Kelly Knox is a freelance writer who loves creating crafts with her daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox, and take a look at her blog the st{art} button for more Star Wars art projects and craft ideas.

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