Celebrating Lynne Hale, Lucasfilm Legend

StarWars.com and those that have worked with the publicity vet offer thanks and memories as she embarks on a new journey.

Lynne HaleThere are many Lucasfilm heroes, but not all of them wield lightsabers.

Lynne Hale started at Lucasfilm over 35 years ago, the only publicity employee in the entire company at the time. Working directly with George Lucas, her first projects were Willow, Tucker, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Years later, when Star Wars entered new eras of activity and Lucasfilm began to grow, Lynne led teams and would oversee campaigns for the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, the Star Wars prequels, Red Tails, and the Star Wars sequel trilogy and standalone films. It’s quite a résumé, and one Lynne can be proud of as she enters retirement.

But what a résumé can’t convey is someone’s heart, enthusiasm, and sense of kindness. Anyone who knows Lynne will tell you that these traits are her true gifts, and sharing them with Lucasfilm is the real legacy she leaves behind. Lynne was always eager to tell new stories, to do new things to reach fans, and to help those she could — with a genuine smile on her face that could reassure any doubts or cynicism.

Lynne Hale and George Lucas

She was integral in the creation of StarWars.com and its early initiatives, even narrating the 1998 Lynne’s Diaries docuseries on the making of Episode I. Through the years, Lynne’s support made some of our biggest stories a reality, from exclusive news around the sequel trilogy to an open and honest oral history of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. StarWars.com wouldn’t be what it is without her.

Lynne Hale with Cad Bane

Thank you, Lynne, for being a great ally and a light. We wish you the best and send our love with you.

Below, testimony from Lynne’s Lucasfilm family.

“Across 35 years of working with her, I’ve never had a colleague more astute, collaborative and loyal than Lynne Hale. A good person through and through, she’s one of the mainstays of the Star Wars experience and went on to be a key player in Lucasfilm. I’ve valued Lynne’s sage advice and friendship and couldn’t be happier for her to be realizing her dream of seeking new challenges and adventures.” — George Lucas (Founder, Lucasfilm) to The Hollywood Reporter

“Lynne Hale has been an invaluable part of our Lucasfilm family for 35 years. In that time, her infectious enthusiasm and compassionate leadership have helped shape the company we are today, filling us with hope, determination, and heart. Friends, colleagues, and fans alike have found her to be a loyal and constant ally, who is always searching for new opportunities to inspire and delight. While Lynne will be deeply missed by all of us at Lucasfilm, we look forward to discovering what wonderful, surprising, and epic adventures await her in the years to come.”  — Kathleen Kennedy (President, Lucasfilm)

“There is a spark to Lynne that is contagious. I’ve known her for over 30 years, and she has always been there for me, as I know she’s been for the entire Lucasfilm family. She has a huge heart and is truly an unsung hero. Incredibly hard working and kind, her warm smile and boundless energy bring out the best in everyone. I will miss her dearly and am thrilled that more people will now get to share her incredible spirit.” — Doug Chiang (VP and Executive Creative Director, Star Wars)

“For more than 35 years, Lynne Hale has been the heart and soul of Lucasfilm. I will always cherish my time working with her and am lucky that I will always be able to count on her as a dear friend. Everything about Lynne is inspiring — her heart, her energy, her integrity and intuition are unmatched as is her advocacy for her team, the company, and most of all, our fans. I will miss seeing Lynne every day but I cannot wait to see her spread her special brand of positivity broader in the world during her ‘Inspirement.’” — Lynwen Brennan (EVP and General Manager, Lucasfilm)

“Since the very first moment I met Lynne Hale, I knew she’d be someone very special in my life. She’s gone above and beyond her title and has proven to be the heart and soul of Lucasfilm. She’s a connector of souls, a communicator of true intention, an interpreter of the ambiguous, and the most honest ambassador of love and support. She has left tremendous shoes to fill, but Lynne would be the first person to tell that person in those shoes that they’re a perfect fit. Love you, Lynne. Congratulations on your retirement.” — Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks, Star Wars prequels)

“I’m really going to miss Lynne. You know someone is really good at their job when they are able to make it all appear so effortless. No matter your worries, her warm smile and sense of humor let you know that everything was going to be fine, and Lynne somehow always made sure it was.” — John Knoll (Executive Creative Director / Sr. VFX Supervisor, ILM)

“Simply put, Lynne Hale is an icon. I’ve had the great fortune of learning from Lynne for the past 14 years and her wisdom and advice have changed my life. Lynne is truly one of the nicest people I know and her kindness makes her so powerful, just like Ahsoka Tano.” — Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels)

“I know I have a guardian angel because my life’s path intersected with Lynne Hale’s. During the production of the Star Wars prequels, Lynne had boundless energy, enthusiasm, and passion for what ILM was creating. She was our champion and my personal coach as I navigated the gauntlet of press junkets and interviews; she always had a smile, a laugh, and a wink of encouragement. For that, I will be forever grateful.” — Rob Coleman (Animation Supervisor, ILM)

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