5 Highlights from Star Wars Forces of Destiny: “Teach You, I Will”

Ahsoka trains with a legend.

The saga’s most elegant and iconic weapon gets a starring role in this episode of the Forces of Destiny animated series. As soon as Ahsoka, bested and frustrated after sparring with Anakin, promises to try, you just know some wise old elder is about to appear to instruct her in the ways of doing or doing not. Enter Yoda, whose unique personality, species and stature make him the perfect example of the lesson he’s about to deliver: Always be yourself. Unless you can be Yoda. And then…well, I may have a different opinion.

Here are five highlights from the short, “Teach You, I Will” — which you can watch below!

1. Anakin and Ahsoka clashing sabers.

Usually the sight of Padawan and Master locked in a duel signifies someone has been corrupted by the dark side (and someone else is about to die). Lucky for us, it quickly becomes apparent that this is just a training montage, even if it is reminiscent of a certain Rebels reunion on Malachor.

Yoda teaches Ahsoka Tano how to use her two lightsabers against his one lightsaber in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

2. Yoda gets stern…

When 900 years old you reach, put up with sassy apprentices you will not! Yoda isn’t taking any of Ahsoka’s impertinence, calling her out on her lack of decorum when she skips the traditional bow and insisting she use both her lightsabers if she’s ever going to learn to fight with two blades. It’s clear from his scowl and his clipped tone that none of this is up for discussion. But really, who’s going to argue with Yoda?

Yoda trains Ahsoka Tano in the use of lightsabers in Forces of Destiny.

3. And shows off his epic fighting skills.

Judge him by his size, do you? We all remember the moment in Attack of the Clones where Yoda went from stooped elder to total badass by igniting his blade to face off against Dooku. While his intentions here are decidedly different, we still never get tired of watching the master at work (i.e. serving up wise words while wiping the floor with his opponent.) Bonus: today’s installment proves he’s not above tripping a foolhardy Padawan to take them down a couple pegs.

Yoda and Ahsoka Tano bow before training in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

4. “Yourself you must always be.”

Master Yoda lives up to his reputation for doling out solid life advice. You can either be a sub-par copy of someone else, or embrace your most unique attributes. Or, in other words, you do you.

Ahsoka Tano uses two lightsabers while training with Yoda in Star Wars Forces of Destiny.

5. Ahsoka’s signature stance.

And just like that, Ahsoka takes her trademark fighting posture and holds her own. We’d be tempted to say maybe Yoda went easy on her towards the end but that flying leap he takes onto her back suggests otherwise. Teach us, he did.

What were your highlights from “Teach You, I Will”? Let us know in the comments below!

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