• Female,
  • Human,



Amilyn Holdo standing with Leia Organa

Amilyn Holdo and Leia Organa met as teenagers when both served in Coruscant’s Apprentice Legislature, with the outspoken, unconventional Gatalentan and the tart-tongued, driven Alderaanian becoming unlikely friends. Holdo joined the Resistance and attained the rank of vice admiral, commanding the Ninka.

After Leia was injured in a First Order attack, Holdo transferred her flag to the Raddus and assumed command of the Resistance. Her insistence on secrecy and her abrupt way of dealing with officers led to friction between her and Poe Dameron, with the starfighter ace plotting to undermine her authority.

After Poe mutinied against Holdo, she and her loyalist officers fought back, firing stun blasts at their fellow Resistance members. After Leia ended the mutiny, she and Poe evacuated the Raddus, but Holdo remained behind to pilot the cruiser. When the First Order targeted the transports, she gave her own life so they could escape, jumping the Raddus to hyperspace and tearing the First Order’s flagship in two.