Portrait of Neil Kleid

Neil Kleid

"Xeric-Award winning graphic novelist Neil Kleid has written for nearly every publisher in the comic book industry, adapted Jack London's Call of the Wild into sequentials for Penguin Books, did the opposite for the seminal Marvel Comics' storyline Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, and co- authored (with co-creator Brian Michael Bendis) Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim, an original prose novel based on the award-winning comic book series. A User Experience designer by day, he helped co-found the Topps Company’s apps division, designing the original UI and visual language for their popular Star Wars Card Trader card collecting app. He lives in New Jersey with four Rebels, seven lightsabers and a patient wife."

  • First Star Wars Memory
    Getting a battle-damaged ESB X-Wing from Toys R Us, only to be trumped by my cousin who got the Falcon.
  • Favorite Film
    The Empire Strikes Back
  • Favorite Character
    Lobot or IG-88, depending on my mood
  • Favorite Scene
    Sarlacc battle, every time
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