• Male,
  • Human,



Yogar Lyste and Leia Organa arguing about the legality of her transport ships

Formerly Supply Master, Lyste was promoted to Lieutenant within the Imperial ranks during his time on Lothal. Lyste was one of the first Imperials on the planet to encounter the Ghost crew. Later, he was charged with hosting Princess Leia Organa during a relief mission to the Empire-occupied planet, which would become a great embarrassment for the officer. Leia, secretly working for the rebellion, tricked Lyste and his forces into losing her three cruisers to the Ghost crew. He even lost track of his shuttle, which was destroyed during the operation. Despite his newfound rank, Lyste could still be outsmarted. 

Yogar Lyste being framed as Fulcrum

As the rebellion grew, so did its tactics -- including the use of spies. Grand Admiral Thrawn became convinced that a rebel spy, code name Fulcrum, was in his midst. He was right; Fulcrum was Agent Kallus, and he had been secretly helping the rebellion from within the Empire. As the hunt for Fulcrum intensified, Kallus set up Lyste to take the fall. The ISB Agent used Lyste's security device, along with subtle manipulation, to implicate the lieutenant as the traitor. It seemed to work...but Thrawn secretly knew the truth.