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Princess Leia Meets Wicket

Wicket’s life changed when the Empire arrived on the forest moon of Endor, knocking down trees and constructing a bunker and massive shield generator. The young Ewok scout from Bright Tree Village kept a wary eye on the Imperials, and intervened when a team of scout troopers tried to capture a young woman who’d been knocked off a speeder bike.

The Ewoks preparing to help the Rebel strike team attack the shield generator bunker

That marked the beginning of Wicket’s friendship with Princess Leia Organa. Leia’s rebels joined forces with Bright Tree Village’s Ewok warriors to plan their attack on the Empire.

The Ewoks and Rebels celebrate their victory

Wicket fought bravely in the battle, which saw the Ewoks use cunning tactics and their knowledge of the forest to defeat the technologically superior stormtroopers. The rebels blew up the shield generator on the forest moon, allowing their comrades in space to destroy the Death Star. The forest moon was free, the Emperor was dead, and the Rebel Alliance had won a great victory.