• Male,
  • Height: 1.12m ,



Sebulba in Mos Espa

The reigning champion of the Outer Rim podracing circuit, Sebulba was a Dug from Malastare with a long list of podracing victories and a short temper. Between races, he could be found in Mos Espa, holding court with his cronies and race fans.

Sebulba piloting his podracer

Sebulba was an expert pilot, but he was also a flagrant cheater. The Dug made illegal modifications to his podracer, sabotaged his rivals’ machines, conspired with lesser racers to defeat competitors, and was willing to injure or kill anyone who got in his way during a race. Such ruthless tactics made him a fan favorite.

Sebulba crashing in his podracer

At the Boonta Eve Classic, Sebulba got out to an early lead, ruthlessly eliminating competitors. But Anakin Skywalker caught him near the finish line. Sebulba lost control of his podracer and crashed while Anakin streaked on to victory.