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Ryder Azadi and Chopper attempting to free Leia Organa's ships

While Azadi had been rescued by the rebels and remained no friend of the Empire, he resisted being actively involved in the fight, as he feared returning to jail. The former governor of Lothal would change his outlook, however, when his new friends needed him most. Three cruisers brought by Princess Leia Organa for the rebels were outfitted with gravity locks by the Empire; Azadi, having built the same model locks while in Imperial prison, knew how to deactivate them. Daringly, he freed all the ships, allowing the rebels to escape with the much-needed craft.

Ryder Azadi pilotting a speeder for Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger

Ryder once again worked with the Ghost crew when Kanan and Ezra returned to Lothal with the hopes of uncovering Imperial plans for a new weapon. Once their mission was complete, Ryder provided the getaway speeder from the Lothal Imperial Factory.

Ryder Azadi and members of the Ghost Crew after stealing TIE Defender components

Azadi came upon frightening new intel: the Empire had developed a new TIE defender prototype on Lothal. He contacted the Rebellion, and Mon Mothma dispatched the Ghost crew to investigate. Ryder eventually connected with his old friends, and together they found the craft. Ezra and Sabine managed to steal both its flight recorder and hyperdrive, which they used as a replacement in Ryder's U-wing.