A Jedi Holocron in the hand of Cad Bane

The Jedi Order kept holocrons containing centuries of lore secured within the archives. Some holocrons contained Sith lore and secret teachings; to protect Jedi against the potential dangers of this information, access to this holocron vault was carefully controlled and limited to Jedi Masters. In a daring raid during the Clone Wars, Cad Bane stole a holocron from the vault.

A Jedi Holocron being operated by Anakin Skywalker

Holocrons could only be opened by using the Force. Bolla Ropal died rather than help Bane open the holocron he stole, but Anakin Skywalker was forced to assist the ruthless hunter. Bane then accessed critical information about the galaxy’s Force-sensitive children by inserting a kyber memory crystal into the holocron.


A Jedi Holocron being opened by Ezra Bridger

A generation later, Ezra Bridger proved his innate strength with the Force by opening a holocron he’d stolen from Kanan Jarrus. Impressed by Ezra’s abilities, Kanan offered to train the boy in the ways of the Jedi.