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The First Order

On the Colossus platform, Hype Fazon was regarded by many as the best of the best in the elite Ace Pilots' lounge. A flashy pilot with a long record of race victories, no one believed the hype more than Fazon himself.

But as the First Order closed in, Hype's swagger and outspoken criticism of the newly stringent rules, including a mandated grounding of his beloved ship, made him a target for stormtrooper operatives eager to rid the platform of any opposition. He was imprisoned in a shipping container with other detractors, but was freed by Kaz and Torra before he could be sent offworld. When the battle came to Castilon, Hype and Aunt Z were among the friendly faces who returned to help their friends on the Colossus survive.

For Hype, life aboard the Colossus changed once the ship made the jump to hyperspace. Faced with the reality that racing acumen was no match for the military might of First Order pilots, Hype had to adjust to the idea that to survive he would have to learn to work with his former opponents as a team. Swagger and speed just weren't enough to win this time. Although resistant to taking orders from Jarek Yeager, the Aces' newly appointed squad captain, and flying alongside Kaz, Hype was eventually able to see the benefit of heroically leading the group instead of merely beating them in a race.

In his early days of racing, Vranki the Blue was Hype's first sponsor. And when he and his friends from the Colossus paid a visit to Vranki's hotel in the Voxx cluster hoping to make some quick credits, Hype was greeted like an old friend. But the Hutt's scheme quickly became clear and through one gamble after another, Hype and the other Aces lost to Vranki's droid racers, a series of bets with serious consequences that threatened to cost the Aces their freedom.