• Height: 1.79m ,
  • custom piloting droid,



L3-37 standing with Lando Calrissian

A pilot droid who built herself out of a mix of astromech and protocol droid parts, L3-37 flew the Millennium Falcon alongside the freighter’s captain, Lando Calrissian. L3-37 knew Lando would be lost without her vast navigational database, and teased him about everything from his piloting skills to his lack of support for droid rights. She was initially miffed at Lando’s decision to join the Beckett gang’s risky raid on Kessel – as usual, Lando hadn’t bothered to consult her.

L3-37 declaring a droid revolution on Kessel

But once on the ground at the mining colony, the self-made droid found her true calling. From a computer terminal, L3-37 assisted with the infiltration of the vault while spurring a revolution, freeing the beings who toiled below the surface and the enslaved droids who maintained the facility from above.

L3-37's core being uploaded into the Millennium Falcon by Lando Calrissian

During the revolt, L3-37 was irrevocably damaged in the crossfire and torn apart, meeting her end aboard the Millennium Falcon after Lando leaped to her rescue and pulled what remained of his partner to safety. But Lando extracted her neural core, uploading her extensive knowledge of maps and star systems into the ship's computer, allowing the droid to live on in a new form.