Clone troopers on Kamino lining up to receive their armor

Clone armor may have looked claustrophobic, but Kaminoan clones trained with it from an early age, and felt comfortable and secure in its confines. When Yoda arrived on Kamino to take charge of the army, the Republic immediately possessed the finest military force in the galaxy.

Members of the 104th Battalion wearing their grey-accented armor

Colors were initially used to identify clone trooper officers by rank, but the Jedi encouraged their clones to show individuality, and special unit markings and color patterns quickly spread through the Grand Army of the Republic. Clone commanders also frequently customized their armor. 

Members of the 501st Legion wearing blue-accented Phase II Clone Trooper Armor

Improvements to clone armor and equipment were made throughout the Clone Wars; by its final battles, nearly all clones had switched to improved “Phase II” armor. By then, variant forms of armor were also in use for troopers in specialized roles, from pilots to bomb-disposal teams.