Ezra Bridger, Fenn Rau, and Chopper standing with Ursa, Tristan, and Sabine Wren

When Grand Admiral Thrawn closed in on the rebels' secret base, the freedom fighters were hopelessly outmatched. Ezra Bridger traveled to Krownest, hoping Sabine and Clan Wren would join the rebels and help fight the Empire. While the Mandalorians were dismissive at first, Sabine soon convinced her family to aid her friends. Together, they went to Atollon and successfully destroyed the Imperial Interdictor -- a ship that can block hyperspace travel -- allowing the rebels to escape.

Sabine and Ursa Wren standing with Bo-Katan Kryze

Upon her reconciliation with her mother, Sabine led a mission to rescue her father. While the mission was a success, the Empire unleashed its weapon -- designed by Sabine in her time at the Imperial Academy -- that targets Mandalorian armor. Determined to correct her past mistake, Sabine led another mission, with the legendary Bo-Katan at her side, to infiltrate Governor Saxon's ship and destroy the device. Following their victory, Sabine gifted the Darksaber to Bo-Katan. She accepted, finally uniting Mandalore, Clan Wren included.