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A Pau’an Jedi hunter with dark-side Force powers, the being known as the Grand Inquisitor served Darth Vader. He followed the Sith Lord’s orders to seek out fugitive Jedi and Force-sensitive youths, preventing them from becoming a threat to the Empire.

Responding to reports of a Jedi on Lothal, the Inquisitor relentlessly pursued Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger. The Inquisitor was far more powerful than either, yet both repeatedly escaped him. But that only made for a more interesting challenge.

After several encounters, the Inquisitor had finally captured the rebel Jedi, Kanan. Taking him aboard a Star Destroyer to Mustafar, he tortured Kanan for information, but the Jedi would not break. Finally, the Ghost crew came to rescue their friend, pulling off an impossible mission to board the Star Destroyer and break Kanan out. Ezra, Kanan’s Padawan learner, freed his Master from his cell, but leaving would not be easy. The Inquisitor was ready for a final battle, eagerly anticipating the chance to destroy Master and apprentice together. But it did not go as planned.

After the Inquisitor seemingly killed the younger Jedi, Kanan became calm and confident. He had nothing left to fear, and expertly destroyed the dark side warrior’s lightsaber, sending the blades down into the craft’s engines and the Inquisitor tumbling backwards. As the Inquisitor dangled above growing explosions and fire, he realized he had been defeated — yet he was more afraid of his Master’s wrath for his failure. He chose death, warning Kanan that he had unleashed something terrible, and let go. Meanwhile, the Padawan survived, and the rebels escaped with a major victory as the Star Destroyer exploded.

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