The A-wing was a wedge-shaped strike fighter that took design inspiration from Republic starfighters of the Clone Wars. One of the earliest rebel units to use these quick, powerful fighters was Phoenix Squadron, whose pilots would tragically meet their match. Several of the fighters entered the fray when the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader tracked the Ghost crew to the rebel fleet. The Imperial enforcer methodically wiped them out, showing expert piloting skills and a ruthlessness that the A-wing pilots could not equal.


As the Empire ramped up production of both standard TIE fighters and experimental models, the Alliance responded by seeking a starfighter that could outfly them all. Alliance techs turned to the A-wing, which had proved capable in early battles against Imperial forces. Refinements made by rebel techs stripped away the A-wing's shields, armor and heavy weapons in favor of raw speed, resulting in a fighter that was tough to maintain and fly, but could outrun even a TIE interceptor. These reworked A-wings played a large role in the Battle of Endor, the rebels' greatest victory over the Empire.

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