General Dodonna in "Rebels"

After the formation of the Rebel Alliance, General Dodonna led his fleet in the battle of Atollon -- a major clash with Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces at the rebel base. Dodonna first made the difficult decision to evacuate several ships, but when his fleet was blocked from hyperspace by an Interdictor, he worked with Hera Syndulla and Commander Sato in devising a strategy. In the end, the rebels survived to fight another day.

Jan Dodonna, Mon Mothma, and Bail Organa strategizing with the Ghost Crew

After the Rebellion relocated to Yavin 4, Dodonna remained one of its chief leaders. With Mon Mothma, Kallus, and Hera Syndulla, he helped devise a mission to tap into an Imperial relay.

Dodonna, a veteran officer, devised the daring plan to penetrate the Death Star's defenses with starfighters, and then directed the attack on the battle station's vulnerable thermal exhaust port.