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The Bendu speaking doom over Grand Admiral Thrawn

Bendu gave great guidance to Kanan. But when the Jedi came looking for help against the Empire's attack, the ancient being grew angry. He was "the one in the middle," and did not partake in petty battles. Bendu vanished from Kanan's sight. When the Empire's ground forces began to take over the planet, Bendu appeared in the gray skies above. Lightning rained down, destroying Imperial and rebel craft alike. The entity's actions gave many rebels the chance they needed to survive, but he cared not for either side. Ultimately, Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered fire on the center of the cloud, and Bendu crashed onto the surface. While he appeared wounded, he offered Thrawn a warning: "You cannot see. But I can. I see your defeat. Like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace." Thrawn pulled the trigger on his blaster, but Bendu disappeared again, his laughter echoing over Atollon.