WeLoveFine’s Star Wars Work Shirts: Celebrating the Average Joes of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It’s a terrific period these days for fashion that makes a statement about one’s love of pop culture and flying our fandom flag high. With the Internet bringing together talented artists and creative forces from all over, and with many fans of Star Wars among our staff at WeLoveFine, it’s a thrilling time to create new and exciting products for lovers of one of the most enduring sci-fi sagas of all time.

We’re enormously proud of our collection of Star Wars products, including dozens of T-shirt designs. Our tees have been profiled in many geek-friendly publications and have even been featured in shows such as Supernatural, however we’re constantly striving to expand our collection beyond just T-shirts; one of the coolest new Star Wars products we’ve launched at WeLoveFine is a set of work shirts featuring embroidered patches with original, company-branded style logos.

Empire Construction patchGoing with the theme of “well, whom in that galaxy far, far away would actually make use of a work shirt, if they wore one?”, our aim for this set of shirts was to celebrate the hardest working stiffs in the Star Wars universe. The blue collar characters, if you will: Just trying to make their way among Imperial forces, Rebels, and all sorts of scum and villainy to make an honest living. (Or, well… sort of honest? Okay, stealing and reselling droids isn’t terribly honest, but you can’t deny that it is hard work!)

WeLoveFine's Jabba's Palace Security Elite Guard work shirt

To that end, our first four Star Wars work shirts pay homage, of course, to the Galactic Empire’s legion of hard-working enforcement troops, specifically the Stormtroopers of the “Mos Eisley PD”! We’ve also got a Gamorrean Guard-friendly “Jabba’s Palace Security” shirt, perfect for muscling desert riffraff around; and “Empire Construction,” because hey, slaving away to put a Death Star together is dangerous work in more ways than one. And of course, don’t forget “Jawa Junk Removal,” guaranteed to haul away every scrap (and maybe a few whole astromech droids if you leave them lying around) for a reasonable fee.

WeLoveFine's Jawa Junk Removal work shirt

We first introduced the work shirt style at San Diego Comic-Con this year with other licenses, and were delighted to discover that it caught on with fans immediately. These lightweight poplin work shirts are as casual as they are stylish, and they’re versatile to boot. Though they are available in mens’ sizes, they make great style statements for ladies, as well; gals can wear them tied at the waist as crops, or with sleeves rolled as a layered item, too. Each WeLoveFine work shirt style some in sizes small through 3XL, and they are $39 each.

Unemployment status in the galaxy far, far away is not an issue. There are four listings already, so start applying for your jobs!   🙂

Nicole Campos still regrets not knowing whatever happened to the Giant Size Marvel Star Wars comic she cherished when she was three. Since then, she’s written for LA Weekly and Nerdist and now runs press and social media at WeLoveFine; follow them on Twitter at @welovefinetees, and Nicole at @camposova.