WeLoveFine’s Star Wars T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

UPDATE: WeLoveFine has announced the winners of their latest Star Wars T-shirt design contest, which drew over 200 entries featuring unique interpretations of a galaxy far, far away. All winning tees are available now.

The grand prize winner is Sublevel Studios’ “The Bucking Bantha,” a retro tee imagining what could be Tatooine’s best (and deadliest) BBQ joint. Judge’s pick winners include Jeremy Sniatecki’s “Fett Deco,” a stylized take on the infamous bounty hunter escaping the Sarlacc, selected by Seth Green and Clare Grant; Cory Freeman’s “Sunny Tatooine,” chosen by the StarWars.com team, depicting several landmarks from the desert planet; and Sublevel Studios’ “Toddler Trooper,” a cartoon-style look at how troopers-in-training might spend their time, picked by TheForce.Net. Runner-up goes to Simon Butler’s “Imperial Snow Angel,” which shows how the Empire’s ground troops may have spent their time after the Battle of Hoth. Finally, Hot Topic’s exclusive pick is “Han-sicle” by Brian Kesinger, featuring a young Boba Fett enjoying a not-so-surprising frozen dessert.

Congratulations to all the winners. The Force (of fashion) is strong with you!

WeLoveFine, purveyors of artistic, fashionable, and downright cool fan-made clothing, are launching their third Star Wars T-shirt design contest, running from now until March 12. And the prizes would make for a Boba Fett-worthy bounty.

Winners will be chosen by a panel of special guest judges, including Clare Grant and Seth Green (Robot Chicken), StarWars.com, and TheForce.net. The grand-prize winner will be eligible to take home up to $2,000, and will see their design made into an officially licensed tee and available as a May the 4th (Star Wars Day) e-card on StarWars.com. Judges picks (three in total) will receive a $400 cash prize; clothing retailer Hot Topic will select one entry, awarding $400 plus a chance to have the design sold exclusively at Hot Topic stores; and one runner-up will receive $150.

WeLoveFine’s first Star Wars-themed contest in the summer of 2012 brought in hundreds of amazing entries, and the 10 winning designs went on to become some of the site’s bestselling Star Wars items. Star Wars creator George Lucas himself gave his approval when he personally purchased some of the winning tees at Celebration VI. Last year’s Dark Side Design Contest celebrated the scum and villainy of a galaxy far, far away, with wide-ranging styles and interpretations of classic characters.

Users can participate in the contest by visiting contest.welovefine.com/contest/72-star-wars-design-contest-2.The contest is subject to Mighty Fine’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Official Rules. Lucasfilm is not an official sponsor of the contest.