WeLoveFine Keeps You Warm Inside a Tauntaun (Hoodie) and More Hoth-Worthy Fashions

WeLoveFine's Empire Strikes Back sweater

At WeLoveFine, we know that year-round fans are looking for ways to express their passion for the things they love. And unless you live in certain parts of the globe (or on Tatooine), you probably can’t get by with just a T-shirt during the winter months. How can we pair up some of our most beloved Star Wars icons and characters with fashion that not only looks awesome, but will make you feel awesomely warm when there’s a Hoth-like chill in the air?

WeLoveFine's tauntaun hoodietauntaun hoodie zipper

With a TAUNTAUN HOODIE! Oh yeah, we went there. Inspired by the move toward more “interactive” hoodie concepts (where the zipping and unzipping is a function of the design), it seemed a perfect concept to marry everyone’s favorite quick-thinking bit of ingenuity on the part of Han Solo with a super-cool hoodie design. Not only does our brand-spankin’-new hoodie feature a fully horned tauntaun hood and blue lightsaber zipper-pull, but when you unzip it… ooh aah, gooey guts! Except they’re not gooey, they’re shiny-satiny and fabulous. You’ll want to crawl inside this tauntaun and not come out till spring!

Tauntaun hoodie interior guts

The cozy winter wear doesn’t end there, either. We’ve also got WeLoveFine’s Star Wars sweater collection! Our team set out to develop designs which would appeal to current trends — over-sized pullovers with sporty, collegiate accents for ladies, plus some cool and casual styles that men would love too — and take design cues from some of our best-selling Star Wars items.

WeLoveFine retro Star Wars sweater

From the’ “Up and Away Stripe” that features a retro Star Wars logo printed on the front in silver glittered ink and a similar multi-colored Empire Strikes Back design, to both mens’ and women’s sweaters showing off the ever-popular Stormtrooper helmet iconography, there’s something in the sweater collection for every Star Wars fan. There’s also our striking chenille patch designs, which our designers launched to feature fan favorites like the Mandalorian logo and our kawaii-style Star Wars characters. Chibi Chewie?! Beyond cuteness.

WeLoveFine's Stormtrooper sweater women_STORM-TROOPER_striped-sweater

WeLoveFine's Chewbacca sweater


You can get the tauntaun hoodie, Star Wars sweater collection, plus a slew of officially licensed tees and more now at WeLoveFine’s Star Wars page!

Nicole Campos is currently working on an elaborate cosplay for Bea Arthur as Ackmena, the Mos Eisley cantina nightshift bartender, and the wig is costing her a fortune. She’s written for LA Weekly and Nerdist and now runs press and social media at WeLoveFine; follow them on Twitter at @welovefine, and Nicole at @camposova.

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