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We've all engaged in toy battles before, but this time it counts.

Wikia’s Star Wars Toy Battle pits 32 fan-favorite toys against each other in the ultimate fight for galactic toy supremacy. Vote now to decide who wins! Bonus: There’s prizes.

“Let me get this straight. You want us to make toys for some obscure space movie that isn’t even out yet? Pass.”

That’s, basically, what major manufacturers told Lucasfilm Ltd. when approached about creating toys for the 1977 release of Star Wars. Much to their eternal regret, companies like Mego Corporation, whose execs feared falling into bankruptcy if they produced toys for every “flash-in-the-pan” sci-fi movie that came along, failed to imagine the unprecedented merchandising juggernaut.

But as the story goes, George Lucas’s company did manage to pique the interest of one man, Bernie Loomis, President of Kenner Products, who saw promise in the idea and hatched a plan for the now renowned Early Bird Certificate Package.


Star Wars Early Bird Certificate Package

Kenner’s risky plan to ship 600,000 empty boxes was a success. To say the least. (Image sourced from

The Early Bird Set — with Luke, Leia, Artoo, and Chewbacca figures — is the “Mitochondrial Eve” of every single Star Wars toy that’s ever been produced. So, naturally, it’s a prized possession of many collectors and holds a special place in the heart of adults who remember the excitement around its release. 

Children of the ‘80s, like me, have equally fond memories of other classic Star Wars toys. Remember your first time playing with an X-wing or the Millennium Falcon? Who didn’t love shoving Hoth Luke into the belly of that Tauntaun? And, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure eight-year-old me cried when the elevator broke on my Ewok Village Playset.

Return of the Jedi - Ewok Village Playset

Good luck NOT snapping all of those strings within the first hour playing with this, kids! (Image sourced from

Star Wars fans who came along more recently remember the fun of collecting Hasbro’s POTF2 line and being carried away by the prequels toy tidal wave of the 2000s. You can’t deny the simple joy of using Darth Maul’s CommTech chip to make him say, “At last we will have revenge.” Over, and over, and over.

Later still, The Clone Wars spawned toy favorites like this beautiful beast — the Saga Collection Republic Gunship — and the menacing, missile-firing Hailfire Droid.

Republic Gunship

Ages 4+? OK, but this one gave even General Grievous nightmares. (Image sourced from

We’ve all got our favorites — new or old — but is there one Star Wars toy that rules the galaxy? You get to decide in Wikia’s Star Wars Toy Battle. Fan nominations have formed a field of 32, and you can vote in each round to determine which toys advance.

One more thing… You could win awesome stuff! Visit Wikia’s Star Wars Toy Battle to learn how you could win a mystery prize from Hasbro’s “Force Friday” lineup! But that’s not all. We’re also giving away copies of Star Wars Rebels Season One and Lego Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles on Blu-ray/DVD.

Vote now in Wikia’s Star Wars Toy Battle!

Jabba the Hut toy

Jabba’s pipe and those Y-wing parts vanished long before my parents’ ‘80s decor.

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