The Empire Strikes Back Uncut Streamy Awards Nomination

Star Wars Uncut Streamy Nominee

Who’s scruffy-looking now?!

Congrats, fans: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut has been nominated for this year’s Streamy Awards!! The Streamy Awards honors creativity and excellence in original online video programming, picking out the best actors, directors, producers, and everything else in the world of web video.

We are excited to be nominated for Best Interactive Program, as we are so proud of the labors of love that fans create every day for their scenes. Our aim for Star Wars Uncut is always to make it fun/easy/awesome for the Star Wars community to participate in the storytelling process, creating their own versions of characters, dialogue, sets, costumes…all the way down to the steam rising off the swamps of Dagobah. These fans are a creative community unto themselves.

Go check out all the Streamy nominees and get excited for the live stream of The 3rd Annual Streamy Awards on February 17, 2013 from the Hollywood Palladium. Keep your fingers crossed for your fellow Jedi film-makers!

If you haven’t had a chance to claim a scene, there’s still time: head to to join the good side of The Force. In the meantime, watch the Empire Uncut trailer to get pumped up.

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