The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Scenes at 100%

100%! 100%! 100%! In the wee hours of Sunday morning (1:04 a.m. EST to be exact), we reached an important landmark: we have officially received a submission for every scene in The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. That’s 480 scenes, fuzzballs.

We are so excited for these scenes and by no means finished with this installment of Star Wars Uncut. There is still time for fans to claim and recreate scenes as we continue the saga. So go sign up! We want even more re-imaginings for each of the 480 scenes. Of course people love the “Luke I am your…” scene, but there are (literally hundreds) of other moments in this classic.

Here are some of our recent favorites to inspire you to Uncut action:

Check out the great Tauntaun makeup job in this scene by Voki Kalfayan:

“Luke. I am your Motherboard.” Michael Dore uses all kinds of fun materials for his scene:

And Ariel Belzit brings us poetic Yoda moments:

Watch as more scenes fly in and create your own for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut!

Casey Pugh is the creator of the Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut and cofounder of VHX. He likes interactive video experiences, Boba Fett, and meat sandwiches. Follow him @caseypugh.

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