The Empire Strikes Back Uncut : Many Different Dagobahs

Yoda Dagobah Paper Cut
I grew up on Dagobah. Or, the next best thing: Florida. Our Jedi training was slightly different (we paddled boats instead of lifting X-wings) and we had no Yodas to guide us (manatees aren’t good instructors), but we did have an awesome swamp for a backyard.

Which is why it’s so awesome to see fans remake the classic Dagobah scenes. Users are hard at work on The Empire Strikes Back Uncut right now (psst, there’s still time to sign up and claim a scene).

Here are some of my favorite re-imaginings of Dagobah:

Sweden Andersson and Noah Scalin fashioned Dagobahs of wood pulp and ink.

Bjoern Hansen‘s Dagobah has a bathtub for a swamp.

Ann Outlate created a very fine arts Dagobah.

While Visilab imagined a dry-land Dagobah inhabited by puppets.

Watch even more swamp-filled scenes from The Empire Strikes Back Uncut and sign up to join at

Casey Pugh is the creator of Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut and cofounder of VHX. He likes interactive video experiences, Boba Fett, and meat sandwiches. Follow him @caseypugh.

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