The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Jedi Pets in Space

Yoda Cat

Scenes for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut are still rolling in and they are full of vegetables, minerals, and many animals.

One of the best parts of watching each new scene is seeing how fans bring their own personal touches in the creative process. And nothing’s more personal than pets. Man’s best friend(s) pop up in the best places: as a floppy eared Yoda, a downed Tauntaun, or the classic Chewbacca stand-in.

But it’s not just Chewie dogs acting in Empire Uncut — there are many scenes featuring different members of the animal kingdom. Here are some great performances so far.

Jose Dammert cast a terrifying Wampa to nibble Elvis/Luke whole.

Quarnian brings some very happy-looking actors together to be Yoda and Luke.

Martin Graham gives us all some loud-mouth deer to amp up drama in the fields.

Got any other wild beasts around the house? We’re still looking for griffins, goldfish, and anything in between to star in more scenes.

Casey Pugh is the creator of the Emmy-winning Star Wars Uncut and cofounder of VHX. He likes interactive video experiences, Boba Fett, and meat sandwiches. Follow him @caseypugh.

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