SWCVI: Target in Range: Celebration VI… Maximum Firepower!


We can officially tell the world that the Belgian prop crew is back in action for Star Wars Celebration VI. My crazy crew has been assigned the mission to return to Orlando and join the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy, and bring along the biggest Star Wars props in the galaxy!

ATAT (5)

For all who know us already, we are totally excited to see you again at the show, to celebrate not only those breathtaking films, but especially this awesome fandom we all share.

For all who don’t know us, well, you’ll have to see what we do to believe it.

We’ll assume that you are a fan of the movies, especially if you’re visiting Celebration VI. Well, have you ever thought about sitting in a full scale Rebel snowspeeder? Or having a seat around Han Solo’s holographic chess table in the lounge of the Millennium Falcon? Or maybe you’ve wanted to have yourself pictured next to Jabba the Hutt, in the middle of his palace throne room? (Watch out for the trapdoor!)


For more than 10 years, us crazy Belgians have been busily recreating very large – and in some cases full-scale – props and sets from the Star Wars movies. We are not professional set-builders. Our love of Star Wars has let us gather the necessary knowledge and experience, and over time, our sets got bigger and better with each year, and with each new Celebration!

Our primary – and only – goal is to bring the fantastic world of Star Wars to life for you, and to have you pictured right in one of our Star Wars movie sets. We want to make your Celebration experience just a little bit more special.

Endor&speeder (1)

In the upcoming weeks, as we count down to the event, I’d like to give you a view behind-the-scenes of our group and our preparations. You’ll see how we create the latest props, how we improve existing props and sets, and how we manage to ship such a huge volume of material across the Atlantic Ocean to get to Celebration.

I will reveal a few of our crew secrets, offer a peek at what we’ll be showing at Celebration VI, and who knows, maybe we will meet each other soon at the greatest Star Wars party on earth! It will be our pleasure to welcome you at Celebration to be part of this fantastic universe.


Star Wars Celebration VI is coming to Orlando, Florida on August 23-26. Join the party that brings together fans of all ages to celebrate the pop culture phenomenon that is Star Wars.

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