SWCVI: Mission Report: Day ZERO


The war of the clones… begun it has…

The Belgian Prop crew touched down in Orlando last Sunday, as scheduled! After a first refreshing swim, and an also refreshing thunderstorm we deployed the team on Monday morning first hour at the convention center…


While opening the containers, we discovered a few unpleasant surprises… a lot of prop parts had been damaged during transportation, fortunately we prepared  our self for that kind of situation. Best quote of the day was: “did they drop the containers by parachute or what???”

After a fast unloading we listed the damages, and with help of a few very motivated local volunteers, some of us headed out for a little shopping at the local hardware store to buy some special items for the repairs.


Repairs, also mean improvements, in other words, we took the advantage to make things even better than they were before the shipping!


The entire setup progressed even better than planned, due to the perfect planning of the organizers and very efficient cooperation with the present union workers. My crew was perfectly motivated and piece by piece the sets started to take shape.

I got the feeling that THIS year’s Celebration will be yet again, a fantastic one…


For the first time ever we arranged it to set up the major parts of the entire show in one day.

Day two targeted the detail works and day three was scheduled for the final touch…


And so, after many months of planning and preparations, once again the Belgian props got ready for all visitors and fans of this year’s Star Wars celebration VI… when ever you arrive… we will be there to welcome you and make your visit a very special star wars experience.