Star Wars Uncut: Malcolm Sutherland

When Star Wars Uncut was first released I was curious to see if fans could not only recreate Star Wars, but also reimagine it. Just two months after Uncut’s release, Montreal-based animator, Malcolm Sutherland, submitted three scenes that blew everyone away.

Malcolm imagined an amazing alternate reality where Obi-Wan is a three-eyed wizard and Luke Skywalker is an X-Wing flying Samurai warrior. The quality of Malcolm’s illustration, sound design and utter creativity has made his scenes some of the most popular among all of Uncut with over 350,000 views and counting. He even created the official Star Wars Uncut poster which is filled with tons of little surprises that highlight the spirit and silliness of Uncut.


Be sure to check out the rest of Malcolm’s award-winning work on his website: