Our Favorite Moments from Star Wars Rebels

The fourth and final season comes home today, and some of StarWars.com's writers have picked their favorite moments from the series that defined the birth of the Rebellion.

While Star Wars: The Clone Wars illuminated the toll of out-and-out war tearing the fabric of the galaxy to shreds, Star Wars Rebels was built on hope and the belief that a small group of like-minded individuals banding together had the power to bring great change to the world around them. The series introduced us to the Ghost crew — Hera, the talented pilot who sometimes has exciting landings; Kanan, a Jedi without an order who has been surviving by hiding his true identity; Sabine, a proud Mandalorian in search of belonging; Zeb, one of the last of the Lasats; Chopper, an astromech and veteran of the Clone Wars; and Ezra, a Force sensitive street urchin abandoned on Lothal and in need of a teacher. Over four seasons, we rode along on their missions and watched them grow from single fledgling rebel cell to an essential part of the Rebel Alliance.

In honor of the release of Star Wars Rebels, the complete fourth season, on Blu-ray and DVD today, we asked StarWars.com’s contributors to weigh in with their favorite moments, characters, and story arcs from the series. Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

Season 1
Meiloorun Run

The episode “Fighter Flight” is my favorite; Ezra and Zeb are driving Hera crazy so she sends them on a supply run where they must find one meiloorun fruit, only it’s destined to fail as meiloorun don’t grow on Lothal. I love this episode not only because I like to pay close attention to anything that revolves around food in the Star Wars universe, but also this diversionary tactic has so many lasting consequences: you see Ezra start to get control over his powers, it’s how Sabine eventually gets her TIE, and most importantly Zeb and Ezra working together eventually leads to common ground. Oh, and the fruit makes it to the ship. — Jenn Fujikawa

Friendship Forged at Fort Anaxes

“Out of Darkness” establishes Hera and Sabine’s roles through conflict. Hera’s Alliance-mandated secrecy and Sabine’s hope that the Rebellion will be more transparent than the Empire clash in an episode that ends with them establishing trust in one another. It informs viewers about their pasts and results in changes for both characters, creating a tightly contained story and a stronger bond between the two. — Megan Crouse

Fear is the Path to a Fyrnock

With Kanan defeated, leaving his Padawan frightened, angry, and with nowhere left to run, Ezra conjures a giant fyrnock, which rises from behind to attack the Grand Inquisitor on his command. This is a key moment in Star Wars Rebels, exploring overarching themes through subtle animation and dramatic visual storytelling, and acts as a springboard for the rest of the series. Ezra turns to violence to defeat his enemy, his gritted teeth illustrating his true intentions; Kanan hasn’t prepared him for this or taught him about the dark side and its seductive powers; the Inquisitor’s instantaneous change from menace to coward reveals the fear that drives him. But after this, the Inquisitor will be truly defeated through faith in the light side. Kanan will become a better Jedi and teacher. And Ezra will learn to resist darker temptations while still developing his gift for connecting with animals, which, as we know, would change the fate of the galaxy. This is a turning point for Star Wars Rebels, and a great one. — Dan Brooks

Death of a Jedi Hunter

Though it occurred relatively early in the series, I still think back to the Grand Inquisitor’s hauntingly poignant death and consider it possibly the greatest moment in all of Star Wars Rebels. Here’s a character who could play the starring role in your most unnerving nightmare, declaring confidently that “there are some things far more frightening than death.” We’re left with countless questions, genuine fear, and the image of this demonic villain willingly free falling to a fiery demise. — Dana Jennings

Season 2
Rise, Lord Vader

“The Siege of Lothal” isn’t just my favorite episode of Star Wars Rebels — it has one of my favorite Star Wars moments, period. As Darth Vader showed his prowess not just with the Force, but with ruthless tactics and astute strategy to trap the rebels right where he wanted them, the series showed just why the Dark Lord of the Sith is rightfully feared. And the first time I saw Vader lift the smoldering AT-ST off the ground, not only did I get chills, I couldn’t help yelling at the television: “RUN, Kanan!” — Kelly Knox

Hera is Our Hero

In “Wings of the Master,” Hera shares with Quarrie the reason why she flies: she lived through the Clone Wars, and wanted to “be up there” and help others. In this rare moment of vulnerability, Hera Syndulla is as good as it gets. Then, in a beautiful sequence, she takes control of the Blade Wing, and masterfully soars through the sky on Shantipole, which is no small feat considering it might be one of the toughest places to fly in the galaxy. This scene serves as a perfect metaphor for the masterful pilot: even when things are out of control, Hera takes control and rises above with power and grace. — Dan Zehr

Get Going, You Pirate

In “Legends of the Lasat,” Ezra, now used to dealing with Hondo’s inevitable betrayal, turns the tables by claiming there never was any payment coming to the pirate for tipping them off about the Lasat refugees. Instead of making him angry, Hondo takes it like a proud papa, knowing that his protégé has learned his lessons in treachery. From suggesting that Ezra join him as a pirate Jedi to Hondo eventually siding with the rebels in retaking Lothal, Ezra’s ability to see the best in people and have them recognize the best in themselves is a key lesson in the show, and Hondo is no exception. — James Floyd

Zeb and Kallus Bonding

One of my favorite aspects of Star Wars Rebels has always been the depth and nuance the series applied to its antagonists — none more so than dogged, capable Imperial officer Alexsandr Kallus. Following his character arc has been an emotional bonanza, but “The Honorable Ones” stands out as the true turning point in Kallus’s journey from Imperial to rebel. Stranded on one of the moons of Geonosis’ with Lasat rebel Zeb Orrelios, Kallus finds common ground and reason with a being he could only previously see as an enemy. Through their shared experience, Kallus begins to understand those he’d judged as outlaws and perhaps starts to question the Empire to which he’d pledged loyalty. — Neil Kleid

Yoda and Ahsoka Meet Again

The Jedi Council owed Ahsoka an apology and never gave it, which is why the brief exchange between her and Yoda in “Shroud of Darkness” means so much to me. Years after their parting, as a relic of better times collapses around them, the two lock eyes. Yoda smiles warmly and waves at Ahsoka…who smiles back. Simple gestures, but ones filled with unspoken regret, forgiveness, and hope. — Justin Bolger

Ezra Meets an Old Master

Rebels was always full of surprises, but nothing shocked me more than the return of Maul in “Twilight of the Apprentice.” The former Sith Lord’s presence in the series tested Ezra at several crucial turns, offering a path of the dark side as an alternative to Kanan’s Jedi teachings. And his reintroduction on the ancient world of Malachor — seeking greater knowledge of the Force, and calling himself “Old Master”– added a more spiritual dimension to a character who’d once been a symbol of raw physical strength. — Alex Kane 

Season 3
Sabine’s Trials

Sabine might be an expressive artist but when it comes to her own history, she kept fairly quiet until her lightsaber training with Kanan in “Trials of the Darksaber.” Her confession about designing weapons the Empire used against Mandalore was raw, emotional, and heartbreaking and put everything we know about her into a new perspective. It’s a turning point for Sabine that just wouldn’t be the same without Tiya Sircar’s incredible performance. — Bria LaVorgna

Taking a Stand Against the Empire

Mon Mothma’s speech at the end of “Secret Cargo” hits me right in my rebel-loving heart every time. After watching the Ghost crew work independently to stop the Empire in whatever small or large way they could for so long, seeing Hera and Mon Mothma together in the cockpit of the Ghost is the beginning of an amazing turning point in the series. Here, Mon Mothma risks it all to openly stand up to tyranny; seeing the immediate response from so many people across the galaxy was a truly inspiring Star Wars moment. — Amy Richau

AP-5’s Musical Number

Rebels did so many things so well, but I’ll always love the weird and interesting places the show went with its droids. “The Forgotten Droid” gave Chopper a desire — a replacement leg, of all things — of his own, and his subsequent (mis)adventure was a highlight of the entire series. The episode also introduced us to AP-5, an Imperial protocol droid who, like Chopper, has a big personality. If you want the best of delightfully weird droid moments from Rebels, look no further than “Double Agent Droid,” where AP-5 gave us maybe the strangest moment in all of Star Wars…when he sings. — Michael Moreci

Fated Duel 

After Ezra has been tricked into leading Maul to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine in “Twin Suns,” the two old adversaries face off. Maul is no match for the Jedi Master and is cut down quickly, but Obi-Wan, as he’d done for his fallen master Qui-Gon and Duchess Satine, cradles the head of the dying Maul with such compassion. Kenobi is truly the epitome of what a Jedi Master ought to be,  a truth captured in a beautiful, heartbreaking, and fitting end to his long-time foe. — Bryan Young

Season 4
Wolves of Lothal

With their intense, all-knowing eyes and connection to the Force, it’s hard not to be completely entranced by the Loth-wolves from the first time we meet them. They bound into the picture to guide Ezra on his journey — not as allies or enemies, but as beings with their own goals and desires, their planet endangered by the Empire’s destructive ways. They’re a key part of the final season of the series, and their presence enriches Star Wars lore by adding something we’ve never seen before. — Amy Ratcliffe

Kanan’s sacrifice

Kanan Jarrus died with honor, sacrificing himself in one final act to save the people he loved the most, a moment made all the more bittersweet because he came so gut-wrenchingly close to salvation. Hera had just declared her love and they were both about to be reunited with Sabine and Ezra when enemy fire ignited the fuel pod beneath their feet and engulfed them in flames. The moment’s emotional power is drawn from the haunting music as well as Kanan’s decision: to use his last bit of energy to hold back the blaze and keep Hera at a safe distance. His eyes clear for a moment and maybe he can see her (but then, he always could, couldn’t he?) before he gives himself over to his destiny. — Kristin Baver

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