Star Wars Fansite Seminar Highlights


Have you ever wanted to start your own Star Wars fansite? On January 24, a new event took place to gather all of the information that you need to know about taking your first step into the larger world of fansites! The first ever Star Wars Fansite Seminar was a smashing success, as fans from across the globe took to Twitter to join in the fun. The seminar was the perfect opportunity for fansite creators to share advice on how to design and manage a Star Wars fansite, with many readers chiming in as well. There were even appearances from Star Wars authors and other VIPs! Miss out on the seminar? Here are 10 of the most instructive tweets from throughout the day:

1. “Advice: write a lot, find your voice. Do what you enjoy, don’t worry about site traffic.” – @PeteMorrisonLR

2. “Authors are glad to talk to fansites, but don’t be surprised when we vanish for a while. We’re not frozen in carbonite, just writing!” – @jjmfaraway

3. “Start out doing something for free to see if a fan site is something you want to do. If so, then spend money on your site.” – <@Knightsarchive

4. "For those just starting – write a few posts BEFORE you announce the site to the public. Have the first few days of content prepared." – @Fanapocalypse

5. “Try to post content suitable for all ages. Kids have enough trouble these days with language. They don’t need any help from us.” – @yak_face

6. “Use your site for good. Find a cause at least once a year. Breast cancer, Toys For Tots, spread the word to help others.” – @swactionnews

7. “My first tip for this #StarWars Fan Site Seminar: It’s Lucasfilm, not Lucasfilms, LucasFilm, Lucas Films, or Lucases-Film.” – @ericgeller

8. “When it comes to readership (and comments), it WILL take time to build your audience. No one is a hit right off the bat.” – @ClubJade

9. “Posting regular (good) content helps bring in more traffic and provides your readers with something to look forward to.” – @StarWarsReport

10. “Most importantly — have fun! If you aren’t having fun, if it becomes a burden rather than a joy, then it’s not worth it.” – @CarrKicksDoor

For a complete list of #SWFS tweets, featuring hundreds of other fansite tips and tricks, you can view Club Jade’s complete summary. To those who participated — thank you! We are honored that you would join us.

Austin is the creator of the new Star Wars fansite Fandom Apocalypse, and can be found on Twitter (@blankitout), posting about a wide variety of geek stuff and sports.

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