Star Wars Day Crafts: Felt Chewbacca Bookmark


If anyone in Star Wars is reliable when help is needed, it’s Chewbacca. Whether he’s piloting the Millennium Falcon in an asteroid field, putting together a blasted-to-bits C-3PO, or Tarzanning into an AT-ST, everyone’s favorite Wookiee is always ready to lend a hand. And now he can help YOU…remember where you stopped in the book you’re reading.

Just in time for Star Wars Day, follow these easy steps to create your own Chewbacca bookmark.

  1. Print out and cut out all the pieces from the template
  2. Use the cut out pieces to trace on top of the felt material with a thin marker then cut.
  3. Assemble the HEAD as follows:
    Put the EYES, NOSE, TEETH, and MOUTH on top of the head.
    Use glue or double-sided tape to assemble.
    Place the FUR around the top like the image.
  4. Assemble the BANDOLIER as follows:
    Glue down the BANDOLIER CLIPS on top of the belt.
    Make sure that BANDOLIER is facing up before gluing.
  5. Assemble the FEET as follows:
    Glue TOES to the rounded side of the FEET as pictured.
  6. Lastly, assemble the BODY:
    Glue BODY 2 to the middle of the MAIN BODY.
    Glue BODY 3 to the top of the MAIN BODY.
    Tip: MAIN BODY can be cut longer for a longer bookmark!
  7. Glue BANDOLIER on top of the body once assembled.
  8. Glue HEAD on top of body & BANDOLIER.
  9. Glue the FEET behind the body as pictured, and you’re done!

Artist and child at heart, Gabby Zapata lives in sunny L.A.with her lovely cat, Minnie. When she’s not drawing, she enjoys drinking coffee, exploring, and singing Disney songs at the top of her lungs in her car. 

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